20 July 2014

Jubilee Edition Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the [Czernowitz] Temple, Chanukah 5698 / November 28, 1937

Ediția festivă inchinată jubileului de 60 de ani dela înaugurarea Templului

    The ceremonies and the publishing of the anniversary edition... [4]
    ...took place on the initiative of: [5]
    60 Years Temple by Dr. Carl Gutherz [6]
    Our Temple - From an Aesthetic Point of View by Dr. Abraham I. Mark [7]
    The Jewish Community Council in 1877 [10]
    The Jewish Community Council in 1937 [10]
    Temple Commitee 1937 [11]
    60 Years Temple Celebratory Poem by Eduard Perlstein [12]
    How the Construction of the Temple Occured by Dr. Max Diamant [14]
    Interior Views of the Temple [15]
    About the Origins of the Community Temple by Moritz Liquornik [18]
    The Names of the Hundred who Built the House of God [21]
    Consecration of the New Temple of Czernowitz by Councilor Anton Zachar [22]
    Celebratory Poem on the Laying of the First Stone for the Israelite Temple on May 8, 1873 by Dr. Plohn [23]
    The Images of the Founders [24]
    The Temple and its Preachers by Dr. Mayer Ebner [28]
    Our Religious and Spiritual Leaders Since the Foundation of the Temple [29]
    In Rememberance of Rabbi Dr. Igel by Dr. Josef Bierer [31]
    Dr. Lazar Elias Igel, the First Chief Rabbi of Czernowitz by Salomon Grossberg [32]
    Dr. Josef Rosenfeld by Higher Regional Court Chief Justice Dr. Isidor Gold [34]
    In Rememberance of Chief Rabbi Dr. Rosenfeld by Chief Editor Dr. Adolf Niederhoffer [35]
    The Cantors Since the Foundation of the Temple [37]
    As a Memento of the Jewish Czernowitz Seventy Years Ago by Adolf Schwarz [38]
    The Jewish House of God by Director Max Seidmann [40]
    The Presidents of the Jewish Community Since the Consecretion of the Temple [42]
    The Soul of our Temple by Bernhard Pistiner [44]
    The Rabbis of the Jewish Community of Czernowitz by S. Wininger [46]
    The Former Jewish Mayors of the Municipality of Czernowitz [49]
    The Temple and its Visitors by Markus Schmelzer [50]
    The Official Directors of the Jewish Community Since the Consecration of the Temple [53]
    60 Years Temple by Dr. Siegfried Rosenzweig [54]
    The Erection of the Temple by Architect Eng. Adam Appenzeller [55]
Courtesy: National Library of Israel

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