01 March 2015

Державний архів Чернівецької області • Chernivtsi Oblast Archives Inventory


  • Index [3]
  • Preface [5]
  • Part I: Institutions during the Austrian Period (since 1867 Austro-Hungary) 1775-1918 [19]
  • Part II: Institutions of the Khotyn County, Bessarabia Governorate, Russian Empire (1812-1918) [88]
  • Part III: Institutions of the Czernowitz Governorate during WW1 and the Russian Provisional Government [113]
  • Part IV: Institutions during the Incorporation of Bukovina into Romania (1918-1940) [132]
  • Part V: Institutions during WW2 [351]
  • Part VI: Particular Archival Fonds and Document Collections [360]
  • Appendices [365]
  • Listing of the Fonds [366]

FamilySearch on Organization of Records in Ukrainian Archives: Most of the records of genealogical interest are organized into Central State Historical Archives for each province (oblast) of Ukraine. Additional records may still exist in smaller local archives. As in other archives of the former Soviet Union, all Ukrainian archive materials are assigned a record group (fond), inventory (opis), and item (delo).

A record group (fond) contains the records of a specific organization, portion of an organization, or individual. Archives also create collections as opposed to record groups, in which records of different organizations or individuals are filed together on some logical or thematic basis. Thus, in some archives, vital records of different religions can be filed together.

An inventory (opis) is a list of items in a record group or collection. While filing by record group reflects authorship, description by inventory reflects content, equivalent to a table of contents in a book. The inventory identifies title assigned to each item, the sequential number, and information on inclusive dates and number of pages. The inventory is the key to finding records in an archive. It usually is not available outside of the archive, although microfilmed records often include a microfilm copy of the inventory. There may be more than one inventory for a record group. These sometimes reflect different types of material or different accessions of records for the same institution. The decision as to what to include in an inventory will vary significantly from archive to archive. 

An item (delo) can be a single volume, file, or even a single sheet of paper. Each item is given a title based upon the record type and contents. Items are usually filed chronologically by the earliest year of information found in that item. Within a particular year, the items are supposed to be filed by degree of significance.

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