01 May 2016

Die "Judenfrage" in Rumänien • The "Jewish Question" in Romania

Südostdeutsche Tageszeitung, 1941/04/20
Adolf Hitler's 52nd Birtday: "Führer Command, We Follow!"


1938/01/12: The Jewish Question in Romania
1938/01/26: Accelerated Divorce Proceedings Between Pedigreed Romanians and Jewish Women
1938/12/20: More Than 1100 Liquor and Tobacco Licenses Revoked
1939/03/04: Fake Documents in the Citizen Review
1939/05/18: Romania and the Congress of Berlin
1939/11/26: The Final Figures of the Jewish Audit
1940/07/02: The Refugees Arrive by Automobiles, Trains, Horse Carriages and Ships
1940/07/09: Perfect Order at the New Romanian-Russian Border
1940/08/06: Jews are not Prevented from Relocation to Bessarabia
1940/10/18: Strange Deaths of Jews in Chisinau
1940/12/03: Iancu Edelmann & Co. Produce Fake IDs
1940/12/07: No Hurdle for the Migration of Jews to Bessarabia
1941/03/28: Jews Without Camouflage
1941/07/11: The Conquest of Czernowitz
1941/07/11: How the GPU, Assisted by the Jews, Resided in Czernowitz
1941/08/07: Severe Jewish Decree for Bukovina
1941/08/10: Dr. Popovici Mayor of Czernowitz
1941/08/10: The Christianization of Jews over the Last Ten Years
1941/08/12: When do the German Farmers Return?
1941/08/22: Jewish Houses Are Not Auctioned
1941/09/06: All Properties of Jews are Transferred to the State
1941/09/13: "The Marshal’s Right-Hand"
1941/09/14: Ukraine in Figures

The Czernowitz Jews
Südostdeutsche Tageszeitung, 1941/09/24, p. 6

From about 70,000 Jews originally in Czernowitz, only about 30,000 to 40,000 remain after the liberation of the city. In order to house them appropriately, a delegation from Czernowitz embarked on a journey to Lodz, Krakow and Lublin to study the organization of the local ghettos.

1941/10/07: The Speech of the German Ambassador
1941/10/28: Jewish Crimes Against the Romanian Population
1941/11/06: Referendum in Romania on November 9th
1941/11/23: Jews from the Eastern Territories Smuggled to Bucharest
1941/11/30: Jewish Question Settled in Transnistria
1941/12/04: Smuggling of Jews to Bucharest
1941/12/07: Disciplinary Procedure Against Fildermann
1942/01/21: They Didn’t Like the Stay in the Ghettos
1942/01/22: Jews Have to Clear the Snow For 5 Days
1942/01/27: The Jews are Clearing the Snow
1942/01/29: Additional Jews Conscripted for Clearing the Snow
1942/01/30: Eastern Jews Are Not Allowed into the Country
1942/03/08: Deported to the Concentration Camp in Transnistria
1942/05/06: Smuggling of Food for the Jews in Moghilev
1942/05/14: The Coffeehouse Jews
1942/05/29: "The Sacred War"
1942/07/05: Sharp Measures Against Work-Shy Jews
1942/07/07: Expropriation of the Properties of the Jewish Communities

Expulsion of the Jews from Romania
Südostdeutsche Tageszeitung, 1942/08/08, p. 3

The governmental "Judenzentrale" has now completed the official census of all Jews residing in the territory of Romania. It leads to the result that in total only 273,409 Jews live in today’s Romanian state territory, not counting Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina (which should be viewed from a different perspective). Out of this, 97,868 Jews are attributed to Bucharest; thus, the country’s capital is at the same time the city with the highest Jewish population, with a share of about 37%. According to official findings, in Bessarabia there are now no more Jews at all, following the expulsion to the east of the inhabitants of the Jewish ghetto of Chisinau. Czernowitz still has about 16,000 Jewish residents, but they now live in another quarter than the previous one of this formerly very heavily jewified city. The share of the Jews in the remaining cities is as follows: Iasi 24,000; Bacau 13,000; Galati 13,000; Piatra-Neamt 11,000; and Timisoara 11,000. Except for Bucharest and Timisoara, and the formerly heavily jewified Moldavian cities, none of the Romanian cities has more than 10,000 Jewish residents; the remaining 90,000 Jews were gathered in the provinical capitals, where the Jews from the rural areas have also been concentrated. 17,000 out of the total number of male Jews received permission to remain in their companies as part of "economically indispensable workforces," while all the rest were enlisted for forced labor. When it comes to the solution of the Jewish Question in Romania, the announcement by the Undersecretary of State for Romanization on the upcoming elaboration and publication of a Jewish Statute is of highest significance. According to this, compulsory wearing of the Jewish badge and other restrictions will be introduced for the Jews. Meanwhile the "Judenzentrale" is making comprehensive preparations for the total expulsion of the Jews from Romania. As soon as autumn this year, 25-30,000 Jews will be expelled from areas of the country already defined. However, the expulsion will have to be suspended in October, since thereafter no further capacity will be available for the transport of Jews out of Romania to their dedicated destination areas. Next spring the expulsion will be carried forward to its conclusion. Considering that 800,000 Jews lived in Romania prior to the territorial losses of 1940 (out of which 200,000 were allocated to Hungary according to the Vienna Award), one can get an idea of the relief given to the country by the transfer of 185,000 Jews to Transnistria and other Eastern Territories. The expulsion of the remaining Jews recorded in today’s census will gradually progress as well, so that Romania, alongside Slovakia, will be the first non-German state which brought the Jewish Question to a truly Final Solution.

1942/08/08: Romania’s Contribution
1942/08/09: Jewish Speculators are Deported Across the Bug River
1942/08/11: Roaming of Jews in the Streets is Forbidden
1942/08/14: Romania Becomes Free of Jews
1942/08/15: Roaming in the Streets of Bucharest is Forbidden
1942/09/23: Death Penalty for Unauthorized Return from Transnistria
1942/10/06: "Labor Army" in Transnistria
1942/10/20: The City Center of Czernowitz Cleared of Jews
1942/12/05: The Romanization Office Manages More than 11,000 Houses
1943/01/06: The Liquidation of Former Jewish Properties
1943/02/12: The Dispossession of Jews from the Annexed Territories
1943/03/06: "I Believe in the  Final Victory"
1943/03/17: That’s what the Romanian Population Should Never Forget
1943/06/18: Two Jews Condemned to Death in Czernowitz
1943/07/02: Census of Jews in Czernowitz
1943/11/26: Romania’s Battle Against Judah

 Courtesy: ANNO - AustriaN Newspapers Online 

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