01 December 2016

Transnistria War Criminal Trials by Dr. Andrei Muraru


Andrei Muraru: "The abominable crimes and massacres occurred under Antonescu’s regime (1940-1944) in Romania led to the disappearance of a significant part of the Jewish community. These crimes took place in the territories incorporated in the Romanian state or under its administration: Bessarabia, Bukovina and Transnistria. The deportation and extermination were enforced by the Romanian authorities, who were responsible for the disappearance of 350,000 Romanian Jews during the Holocaust. For these crimes, the war criminal trials found very few guilty individuals. One of the causes for this, besides the political and legal ones, was the lack of evidence, subsequently acknowledged by the public accusers. Moreover, the failure of the judicial process was confirmed by the Soviet authorities, but also by the former Romanian public accusers. The reasons for that were diverse (interventions, at the highest level, for the release of the arrested Army heads and magistrates, including through the Soviet Generals’ intervention; the unjustified acquittals; the organizational deficiencies; the defective strategy of arresting only the major perpetrators and instigators; the Soviets’ indifference towards the requirements related to the witnesses and documents from the Soviet territories); the assessments are that over 70% of the war criminals managed to get away unpunished." (P. 143/144)

Dr. Andrei Muraru

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