29 September 2017

About my Family / Autobiographical Fragments • Despre familia mea / Fragmente autobiografice

Osias Stenzler's Credo: "God blessed me with a long life, celebrating in Radauti between friends, 95 years of life and I hope the divinity will give me some more time (my grandfather reached a hundred years). I let my followers the confession of my work, saying that each of us must put the shoulder, if we want the society to move in the desired direction for us. Of course the road is not easy, it is done with sacrifices and offerings…."


"The Osias 'Shike' Stenzler Radautz Booklet" is a unique document compiled by Osias Stenzler over about three decades until his death in the year 2008 at the age of 99 years. His memory, unlike his eyesight, never faded, even at an advanced age. After the loss of vision, Osias’ sons Daniel and Bondy kept his records from dictation and so we have the rare opportunity to discover a real treasure chest making alive the Jewish life in post WW2 Radautz. The booklet is headlined "Occupations and Professions Practiced by the Jewish Population of Radautz", but beyond the long list of names it contains authentic notes and remarks on the Radautz Jewish community.

Courtesy: Bondy Stenzler

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