28 April 2018

AGORA • Colecție Internațională de Artă și Literatură • International Collection of Art and Literature


Pierre Joris, author of "Breathturn into Timestead: The Collected Later Poetry of Paul Celan": "Celan had met the Surrealist poet Ion Caraion back in 1946; a year later Caraion would print Celan’s first published poems in German in the Bucharest Magazine Agora."

Bianca Rosenthal, author of "Pathways to Paul Celan: A History of Critical Responses as a Chorus of Discordant Voices": "In 1981, I participated in the Celan-Kolloquium in Bucharest which was organized by Dr. Uwe Martin the director of the Kulturinstitut der Bundesrepublik Deutschland and the Writers' Union of the Socialist Republic of Romania. My presentation was entitled: 'Quellen zum frühen Paul Celan: Der Alfred Margul-Sperber-Nachlass in Bukarest'. The meeting was a fascinating experience because it reunited a large number of people who had played an important role during Celan's Bucharest years, among them Petre Solomon who was instrumental re the Romanian publication of 'Todesfuge' (tango) as well as Ion Caraion, the editor of 'Agora'. "

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