08 July 2018

Report of the "Soviet Extraordinary Commission" for Czernowitz

Chernovtsy regional commission for assistance
in damage accounting and investigation of atrocities
committed by fascist occupiers on
the territory of the Chernovtsy region

City of Chernovtsy

of the city commission on damage accounting,
summarized information and conclusions
by senior investigator of the Chernovtsy regional
Prosecutor's office on identifying the atrocities
committed by German-fascist
occupiers and their collaborators against
citizens of the USSR. Lists of Soviet
citizens killed and tortured,
exiled, repatriated to Chernovtsy,

and those guilty of the atrocities.
Started: July 27, 1945
Completed: July 31, 1945

238 leafs [written in pencil]

Fonds Number R-653
List Number 1
Item Number 103

[Translation by courtesy of Prof. Iosif Vaisman] 

USHMM: "Reel 21: [...] Fond 653. Opis 1 #103. Soviet Extraordinary Commission. July 1945. Trajan Popovici, Mayor of Cernauti personally commands executions. Killings, torture, etc. List of citizens repatriated to Cernauti. List of those killed by occupiers with indication of ethnicity (almost exclusively Jews.) Letters from Jews from Transnistria to their relatives in Bukovina asking for help. (Russian). List of Soviet citizens deported in Fascist Slavery in Germany with indication of ethnicity (July 5 1945). 50.000 deported. Names of 1,053 identified, the names of the rest impossible to identify. Information of damages inflicted by the occupiers. Declarations of Jews concerning goods that were confiscated from them."

JewishGen: "In 1942 [and the succeeding years], after the Soviet Army recaptured land occupied by Germany [and/or its allies], the USSR established an "Extraordinary State Commission" to document exactly what had happened in every Soviet locality occupied by the Nazis [and/or its alles]. Under the direction of special NKVD (predecessor of the KGB) units, teams were to record the names of those killed.  Property damage was also recorded. In most places NKVD personnel were assisted by local residents. These reports, [partly] handwritten in Russian, are organized geographically by republic, oblast (state), raion (county) and town. They were stored in the Central State Archive of the October Revolution in Moscow, with relevant copies in republic area archives. These reports were microfilmed in Moscow by Yad Vashem in 1990. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) in Washington has copies of these microfilms: 27 reels, [RG-22.002M]."


  1. With all the omissions and mistakes due to the conditions she has to work Mrs. Finkel is to be commended for her effort and dedication!

  2. I could not believe until I read it personaly now. It puts Traian Popovici with real perpetrators on the same level and actualy says that he killed himself Jews on Russische Gasse. Whatever the reason of the local Soviet law people to produce this document immediately after the war, the lie is so blatant that it can only put a question mark on the whole story - indeed there are one or two other names that I remember were not mentoned at that time (by my father) as being Judenhasser.
    As a matter of fact the document reminds one of its Rumanian counterpart that cited names of Jews who insulted and wounded Rumanians when they left the town in 1940. It was just a collection of names somebody remembered of being a communist or socialist.